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We thank all our donors and sponsors for their ongoing support and generous donations in cash and kind.

Success Primary School

Hanover Health Fair

At the COPSE HEALTH CENTRE, benefitting Children of Askenish

Happy Children of Askenish


(Above) Hanover Charities has assisted the WESTHAVEN HOME FOR DISABLED & ABUNDANT CHILDREN since its inception with an annual grant. The Westhaven Home is located in a rural area of Hanover about one hour driving from the busiest tourism center of Montego Bay, located along the North Coast. The McClusky family and their four boys (guests at Round Hill) collected t-shirts and HC was able to donate dozens of new outfits for the children at this home. They are in dire need of sanitary equipment, wheel chairs, diapers for adults, clothes, bed linens etc.

(Above) Hanover Charities donated us$ 7000 to assist in setting up the “Children’s Reading & Play Room” at the Hanover Parish Library in Lucea in 2005. Children use this facility after school and also weekly readings and storytelling session are organized by the librarian Ms. Stewart.