Better World Book sales beneift Hanover Charities

When Kaplan University moved three campuses’ libraries to online, Mimi Gough, a faculty member in Business Administration and Pathways, knew just what to do with the textbooks.  She turned to Better World Books (, an internet company whose goals are to improve literacy worldwide and save books from landfills.

Better World Books donates a small portion to any charity the donor wishes, and for Gough, there was no question that her choice would be Hanover Charities.  She has worked with Hanover Charities for ten years, bringing students to Jamaica for service learning.  Collectively, the university agreed to give their commissions to Hanover Charities.

As of now, the commissions are well over US$1,000, and that’s just the beginning.  Kaplan just shipped another library’s books to Better World Books, and expects the commissions to grow.

Gough’s relationship with Hanover Charities has reached its tenth anniversary, and after ten years of aiding Success School with school supplies, the students are ready to take on an additional school, Esher.  Last year students raised enough money to fill five suitcases with school supplies, and in November, they expect to bring these suitcases and more to assist both schools in the parish.