What is Container of Love ?

Container of Love was created to meet the needs of the many partner schools, organizations, and communities that Hanover Charities and Cornerstone Jamaica work with. The Covid-19 pandemic created more inequities across communities in Jamaica, leaving the institutions and organizations that we support serving more families and having more needs. Our goal is to fill a 40ft container with the necessary items to support our partners. We plan to import the container in August with goods such as school supplies, diapers, medical equipment, non-perishable food items, etc. Once items are distributed, we will gift the container to a community site aiding learning in Hanover. Our goal is to make this an annual project!

Who is involved?

Hanover Charities

The mission of Hanover Charities is to improve the health, welfare, and education of our neighbors in Hanover parish. Each year,  Hanover Charities provides support to dozens of organizations with programs that focus on food access, health services, and education servicing many groups including school children, the elderly, and the indigent. Hanover Charities also provides scholarships for promising students as they embark on their collegiate careers.

The mission of Cornerstone Jamaica is to connect people and resources together to create sustainable programs that improve health and education in Jamaican communities. Through strategic partnerships, we create programs and initiatives that improve the lives of Jamaican people, especially Jamaican children in Westmoreland and Hanover Parishes.

How does it work?

PLANNING: Our teams are working with partner schools and organizations, the Jamaican Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information, and other stakeholders to ensure we understand the needs of communities across both parishes. We are creating “Wishlists” for each organization and working on all of the purchasing, shipping, and distribution logistics.

PURCHASING: Once we have Wishlists pulled together, our procurement and purchasing leads will work with wholesale companies and donors to acquire items. Some popular items are school shoes for boys and girls, rice, and school supplies. We are trying our best to purchase new items but will take in good-condition used items.

SHIPPING: As items are purchased, they will be safely stored with Cornerstone Jamaica at their Florida headquarters. In early July, we will begin to fill the Container of Love. Once safely packed and secured, the Container of Love will be shipped to Jamaica at the end of July!

DISTRIBUTING: Once the Container of Love arrives in Montego Bay and clears the customs process, it will be delivered to Hanover parish. This is where Hanover Charities and Cornerstone Jamaica and a team of volunteers will coordinate the distribution of items to earmarked beneficiaries.

LEARNING: After all the items are distributed to our partners, we will gift the container to a community site in Hanover. Our goal is for the container to be used as space for students to use for education and extracurricular activities.

How can you help?

Spread the Love: Follow us and talk about the Container of Love with your friends and family!


Visit hanovercharities.com/product/support-us or www.cornerstonejamaica.org/donate to make a tax- deductible donation towards the project.

Have questions or would like more information? 

Please contact either of the following team members:

Jennifer Flanagan at jennifer@hanovercharities.com or Cate Toney at cate@cornerstonejamaica.org