Health Care

Health care in Jamaica is basic: the approximately 70,000 people living in our Parish have limited access to health care locally.  The Parish has one medium sized hospital, a few clinics, and one facility for the aged.

Among our contributions to improved health care in Hanover is support for the Infirmary in Lucea.  The facility provides custodial care for about 70 persons, most of whom are elderly and without family to care for them.  While the facility is sponsored by the government, there are many unmet needs.  Hanover Charities has provided donations of linens, pillows, televisions, fans, laundry equipment and more as well as funding for various needs such as a new hot water system for 2016.

We are also proud to support Dr. Clive McKenzie of Hopewell, in his efforts to educate children and adults about diabetes prevention.  Diabetes is rampant in the Jamaican population, due to poor eating habits and a lack of knowledge of nutrition, and Dr McKenzie has made it his mission to teach parishioners the basics of preventing disease by making better eating choices.

Another annual project is our support for the Hopewell Jaycees’ Health Fair in association with the Caribbean Health Outreach which provides check-ups, medications, and education to Hanoverians in very remote areas that little access to healthcare.

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