Hanover Charities partners with Le Antonio’s Foundation to End Bullying.

Bullying in its various forms— physical, verbal, emotional, and through social media or texting–can be prevented, and that sentiment is at the heart of the Le Antonio’s Foundation.

To address the issue of bullying in our Parish’s public schools, Hanover Charities has partnered with Antonio McKoy to bring his End Bullying Globally Campaign to sixteen local schools including primary and high schools. The basis of the campaign is to present anti-bullying and conflict resolution education sessions at the schools. The campaign depends on youth volunteers to increase awareness of the harmful effects of bullying, how to identify it, and what to do when they recognize it.

After the presentation, volunteers ask the students to voluntarily sign and keep a pledge card, affirming that they will choose anti-bullying actions and look out for their peers. Also in each school an Anti-Bullying Ambassador” is selected to stay in touch with the Le Antonio Foundation as a beacon of engaging the school community in anti-bullying events.

Hanover Charities’ funds have allowed the Foundation to print material used in the presentations and to help with transportation to the schools.