Medical Mission serves more than 1,000 in Parish

For years, Hanover Charities has supported the Caribbean Health Outreach in its mission of promoting health and wellness in underserved places.  The CHO partners with us as well as the Hopewell Jaycees, Hopewell Kiwanis, Tryall Club and Western Regional Health Authorities.  For their 2016 mission, CHO reports that the collaborative effort of this team resulted in a fluid and effective health fair.

This year’s mission served more than 1,000 patients and filled more than 760 prescriptions. During the course of one week, medical professionals held clinics in far-flung areas of Hanover Parish including Jericho, Nyere, Ramble, Cascade, as well as Sandy Bay and the Tryall Club.   Medical staff examined and treated patients, many of whom had hypertension, diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, asthma and cardiac problems.

In addition to treating patients, the CHO provided critical education to parishioners, including information about the Zika virus and STD awareness education.   And as an additional service, the mission treated about 100 patients for dental problems.