Our Board

Hanover Charities is blessed to have a cohesive board of diverse talents and skills; each director and member plays a vital role in the success of our organization.

Katrin Casserly

Jennifer Flanagan
Vice Chairman

Dr. David Stair
Custos of Hanover

Karen Sangster-Grant


Kadiesha Moodie


Josef Forstmayr

Board Member

Candace Hart

Board Member

Stanford Brown Jr

Board Member

Paula Kovinsky

Board Member

Board Directors

Katrin Casserly has been our chair for more than a decade, and has brought a new level of professionalism and fundraising to Hanover Charities.  Because she lives in Jamaica and is highly connected in Hanover Parish, she brings a deep knowledge of the people and their needs.  And because she is a businesswoman herself, she has added a higher level of professionalism to our efforts, overseeing our successful application as a 501C-3 organization, revamping our web site, adding events to our Sugar Cane Ball week to make it bigger and better each year, and ensuring our beneficiaries live up to their promises.

Hanover Charities and Katrin have been recognized with numerous awards including the Nation Builder Award from the NCB Foundation and the Citizen of the Year Award – Kiwanis International Eastern Canada and Caribbean for 2018.

Katrin has also served on the board of the Heinz Simonitsch School, is the 4H Club Hanover Patron, founding and board member of Hanover Hope Foundation; has served as the Honorary Vice Chancellor for the Austrian consulate since 2006 and has been promoted to the Honorary Vice Consul for Austria to Jamaica in April 2018. In 2019 she was appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Esher Primary School in Lucea, Hanover.

Jennifer Flanagan, vice chair, is a homeowner at Tryall who also lives in the USA.  She and her husband grew and later sold a large health care information company, so her passion is in furthering the health of Hanover parishioners. She and Katrin work hand-in-hand on all Hanover Charities’ projects to ensure their success.  Jennifer has chaired the Ball several times, and annually manages the silent and live auctions for the event.  She also serves as Hanover Charities’ US liaison, ensuring we meet the requirement for 501C3 status and other government regulations.

Josef Forstmayr, managing director of Round Hill, has a passion for all things Jamaican including the efforts of Hanover Charities.  He has been a part of Hanover Charities for two decades and actively aids us in fundraising and assessing the needs in the Parish in which he lives.  What’s more, he is the charismatic emcee for our Ball each year.  Hanover Charities is grateful to Josef and the Round Hill board for allowing us to host the Sugar Cane Ball at Round Hill, in its most fabulous setting.

Candace Hart, PhD, maintains an invaluable passion for education in our Parish.  She reviews every scholarship application each year, and follows students avidly.  She provides the board with deep insight into our scholarship program.

An interesting fact – On the passing of Willy Delisser, a motion was agreed by the board that whoever was the Custos of the parish at the time would always be invited to become a board member. This tradition continues to this day, and the current Custos of Hanover—The Honorable Dr. David Stair–is an integral part of our Board.  His medical practice is in Sandy Bay, so he also serves as a much-needed liaison with the Hanover Parish Council in our efforts to improve the Infirmary and Library there.

Karen Sangster-Grant’s roots run deep in Hanover Parish: She was born there and has lived and worked in our Parish for her lifetime.  She is the former Training, Credit and Front Office Manager of Round Hill Hotel & Villas.  In her retirement, this talented volunteer took over as Treasurer for Hanover Charities in 2018.

Kadeisha Moodie joined the Hanover Charities team in 2018 and shortly became a part of the board less than a year later. A native of Montego Bay, her high spirit of volunteerism and love for her Jamaica propels her to contribute her efforts to the charitable works of Hanover Charities. Serving as secretary on the board, her focus spans from administration and planning, coordinating events, drafting press releases and liaising with scholars as well as internal and external stakeholders of HC. She is vibrant and extremely passionate about the works of Hanover Charities, especially the scholarship programme which is dear to her heart. Kadeisha is a 2017 graduate of the University of Technology, Jamaica where she pursued a Bachelor’s of Science in Tourism Management.

Stanford Brown Jr. is a renowned videographer who followed in his father’s footsteps with a passion for charity. He is community oriented and believes that life is not worth living if you cannot help the less fortunate at least in some small way. He lives and operates his business in the Hopewell area of Hanover as part of his commitment to our Parish.

Being proud of her Jamaican heritage and recognizing the importance of community, Paula Kovinsky is dedicated to improving the lives of Jamaicans through health, education and wellness. Paula has worked closely with Hanover Charities over the years, most recently supporting Katrin and other board members in the successful completion of the Hopewell Community Center. Paula is a former president of the Tryall Fund and homeowner at Tryall.

Advisory Board Members

In 2019, Hanover Charities added a cadre of valuable advisors and friends to our Advisory Board.  Each person brings a heartful of support for our charity as well as much experience in various specialties.  We are pleased to introduce our current members:

Patricia Falkenberg (Fundraising)

Vanessa Noel (Fundraising)

Fenella Holland (Public Relations)

Howard Nelson (Community Outreach)

Nan Brenninkmeyer (Fundraising & Planning)