Our History

It all started with a cow and an old Jamaican family. When the charismatic Willy Delisser became Custos of Hanover, he and his wife Ida immediately became great supporters of their community.  Every December the Delissers would slaughter a cow so the patients at the hospital and infirmary could enjoy a Christmas lunch. This soon expanded to their supporting many of the disadvantaged of the Parish.

Willy and Ida were great entertainers of visitors and royalty to the island. Willy was also cousin to John Pringle, who had just opened Round Hill Hotel.  Buoyed by an unsolicited donation from a regular winter visitor to Jamaica who heard of their efforts in the parish, Custos Delisser and John Pringle used their very persuasive powers to get the winter visitors to Round Hill to contribute to the Christmas donations.

At around the same time, the Delissers sold Tryall to a group of Americans who were aiming to create a world-class golf resort. Seizing the opportunity, Custos Delisser along with John Pringle and Lord and Lady Monson brought together the shareholders of Round Hill and Tryall and in 1957 created Hanover Charities.

Now in its 60 year, Hanover Charities has grown into one of the largest charities in Western Jamaica.  Two chairladies brought great energy to the charity:  Sandy Morris (chair from 1992-2001) lived in Jamaica so people could reach out to her for projects.  After Sandy’s death, Paula Watkins chaired HC from 2001-2006; she too spent much time in Jamaica and oversaw bigger and better fundraising for the charity.

Since 2006, Katrin Casserly has been the devoted chairman, and her team has taken Hanover Charities to a new level.  We fund more projects than ever and, in 2021 we gave a record number of scholarships to 205 tertiary and secondary students in the value of over US$ 180,000.   Because Katrin Casserly is a naturalized Jamaican , we are better able to scrutinize current projects and identify additional needs.  And because we have a board that brings many talents to the table, as well as generous spirits, we expect Hanover Charities to grow from strength to strength in the next 60 years.

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