Partnership with Unconditional Love for Children

Hanover Charities is a strategic partner work with Unconditional Love for Children ( founded by Dr. Earl and Carolyn Glenn of Stone Mountain, GA.  The Glenns began their partnership with Hanover Charities in 2014 in a joint project at Watford Hill Primary School in the hills above Hopewell; and have recently also introduced the cooperation of LINKS (organization of professional women).

In cooperation with ULC and OLLF (One Love Learning Foundation) Hanover Charities has helped Watford develop an organic garden with ongoing consulting, and a stove and refrigerator for the kitchen. We also made it possible for ULC staff to receive complimentary housing while conducting the Summer Enrichment program for the past two summers.

In addition, ULC has delivered many programs, school supplies, equipment and infrastructure improvement to Watford including

  • Three Summer Enrichment Programs consisting of academic enrichment, arts and crafts and chess. Workshops for parents were also conducted.
  • Three Mission trips with numerous volunteers, consisting of workshops for students and parents, as well as a community flea market
  • Construction of a playground playset
  • Refurbishing all restrooms
  • Ceiling fans and additional lighting in all classrooms
  • Renovation of the Library, including new furniture built by Mission volunteers, a reading room, 3 new computers, over 2,000 books and resource materials, and more than 3,000 literary books on the computer
  • Establishing an Infirmary
  • Construction of a 900 sq. ft. multi-purpose Pavilion
  • Construction of a new 200 sq. ft. kitchen with hot water heater and other equipment and supplies
  • 2 new laptop computers
  • Math Specialist salary
  • Reading Specialist salary
  • Math and Reading Incentive program with electronic notebooks as awards
  • 30 musical instrument to implement a Band and pay salary music teacher
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Barrels of Food to feed children for breakfast and lunch