Scholarship Program

We at Hanover Charities have a deep commitment to education, so deep in fact that we have given more than US$ 500,000.00 in scholarships in the last five years alone.   These scholarships are our investment in the Jamaica we all want to see unfold.

What our scholars have in common is the desire for higher education but without the financial support to allow it.  Hanover Charities’ board member Candace Hart says the applicants “have everything it takes to make it, except cash.  They suspend disbelief in spite of all the evidence that they will not be able to fund their education.”

That’s where our scholarship program comes in.  Each year, we support over 200 promising students, by providing full or partial scholarships for the tertiary level of education. We are proud to have sponsored many students who have excelled in their studies and later in their careers in areas ranging from teaching to dentistry to nursing to agriculture.

The scholarship fund is named in honor of two past chair ladies who were most generous and giving—Sandi Morris and Paula Watkins.  And our scholars respond with deep appreciation as well as a charitable attitude.  Here’s what a few of this year’s recipients told us:

“I was told years ago that I will never come to anything in life but praise be to God each day I am one step closer in proving them wrong.  I am one step closer in sharing my journey from hardship, struggles and stress to becoming a teacher.”

“I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to you and your committee for awarding me with this scholarship.  I look forward to being able to give back to my parish once I begin my career.”

“The Hanover Charities family has done so much for me, it is impossible to find words to explain.  It is my longing dream to become a part of charitable organizations where I too can reward students who display promising futures.”

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