Letters from a few of our successful students:

Dear Hanover Charities Board Members,

We did it!

Words cannot convey how overjoyed I am to be sending this letter, and in the words Rhonda Rimes, it is “the Year of Yes.”

My first stop began with completed my law degree and became the first person in my entire family to graduate from University. I like challenges, and I love to learn, knowledge is power, but applied education is even higher, so my next stop brings me to London where I will complete my Masters in Business Administration at the University of South Wales. I am a multi-passionate person, and the world is my cake for the eating. So when sickness came in the form of speedbump, I reverse my car and put on my bounce back amour and drove over the bump with a book. Today I am an author of the book Living with Glaucoma, nutritional facts and their health benefits for glaucoma patients.  My book will help us (glaucoma patients) in the fight against blindness.

My Final stop is gratitude to Hanover Charities for investing in me, your investment has and will continue to compound.

Thank you, Hanover Charities, my dreams came through because of YOU!

Thank you

Tonian C. Mcdonald

Author, LLB, MBA Student.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve- Napoleon Hill”

Dear Hanover Charities Board of Directors,

A New Year and semester has now dawned and I wanted to give you an update on my present progress since September Last semester. I am currently in the 2nd Year of my Three Year Degree Programme and this is also my First Year of Advanced Level Courses (Levels II and III).

My Major is Food Chemistry / Food Science and my minor in Pure Chemistry.

As a Consequence of being in my First Advanced Year (Level II) ,my GPA from First year courses are disregarded and a new One Calculated which will be my Degree GPA and will determine the class of my degree. the GPA scale Ranges from 0 – 4.3 and corresponds to cumulative scores on courses done on a semester basis.

Last Semester, then, would have been my first Level II Semester. I have attached my semester grades. My Current GPA is 4.08 (Two A’s and an A+) . I topped the Advanced Organic Chemistry Course last semester with the only A+ in a class of over 300 students and as such the Professor or Organic Chemistry had asked to meet with me recently where he has asked for my assistance with some research. This in itself (getting an audience with the busy Professor) is a major achievement since the only persons who are normally considered to do such work are normal post-graduate students who already have their degree and are pursuing their masters and I am only in 2nd Year of Undergraduate studies.

But I never forget where I am coming from and I must truly thank you for the support you have given and it further reinforces a maxim I observe to:

“Remember the sacrifices made on my behalf and honour those who’ve sacrificed by upholding this one principle: FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!!!!”

This semester I am undertaking Five Courses and I shall ensure I keep up the good work.

I look forward to your continued support as I work purposefully towards my goals. Thank you Sir and especially thanks to the Hanover Charities Foundation for the invaluable contribution that they have provided me with I am exceedingly grateful.

Sincerely Yours, Marc Collins Student at The University of the West Indies, Mona , Jamaica

November 2016

Good Evening Hanover Charities Board Member,

Words cannot express how elated I am to be sending this update. I would like to update you on a series of events that has happened since we last saw each other.

Firstly, I was inducted as the 2nd year Vice President for my batch and I am now a member of the Students’ Association Executive.

Secondly, I was awarded 9 scholastic awards at the annual Prize Giving ceremony which include:

  • The Education Department Award for Spirit of cooperation and collaboration
  • The Education Department Award for demonstrating a spirt of volunteerism
  • The Education Department Award for demonstrating a willingness to facilitate collegial empowerment
  • The Modern Languages Department Award for The spirit of volunteerism
  • The Modern Languages Department Award for Dynamism in the promotion of Modern Languages
  • The Modern Languages Department Award for Demonstration of Leadership Qualities
  • The Modern Languages Department Rushyene Henry Ferguhson Award for French

I was further inscribed to the Principals Honour roll with a G.P.A of 3.78.

Finally, I was successful in becoming a member of the National Youth Parliament of Jamaica. I attended a series of training and participated in the convening of youth parliament 2016-17 on Monday November 14,2016 at George William Gordon House in Downtown Kingston.

I also serve as Parliamentary Clerk for said National Youth Parliament of Jamaica.